~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~// MSLSR == “cluster” //**##????????????????

// MSLSR == “cluster” //

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++mslsr // factual##$$ RULES | TO | LIVE | BY $$##+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

mslsr // factual
##$$ RULES | TO | LIVE | BY $$##


From a sketch to a sketch, for an art trade I’m doing with a p.cool friend mslsr.

I’m not sure if he’s okay with it yet since he’s offline, but hopefully I’ll get feedback soon enough. Which will probably be tonight, knowing his daily schedules.

He’s gonna draw Kat for me and I’m so excite omg (it’ll be nsfw but that’s even better AHAHAHA)

I’m all eager and happy n’shit omg.

I really can’t wait to continue on this guy.

god DAMN

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pong clone // flashpunk

thanks MUSH
» play @ mslsr.com «

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old laptop drawing i forgot to upload

old laptop drawing i forgot to upload



terrible pong “clone” made to get started with Flashpunk
mad respect @ mush for helping me out ( a lot )



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couple different revisions of a thingy thing
tried doing backgrounds for once
fuck that never again